Safety manufacturer reimagines operations for success

A US based B2B company has a mission to identify and protect people, products and premises with high performance labels, printers,
software, safety and facility identification. Their business model was strongly paper catalogue driven and while this had been a proven success it was losing ground to online competitors. The consulting engagement was commissioned in the context of a strategic brand refresh. It was necessary to connect this work with a more fundamental review of their operating model.

what we achieved and outcomes

Safety manufacturer reimagines operations for success


· Review of multi-channel strategy, identification of areas of opportunity
· Simplifying the decision making process to allow progress on redesign
· Subject matter expert input on target operating model workshop facilitation


· Clarity on strategy and approach to evolve
· Engaging customer journey analysis with full documentation of risks and opportunities
· Lasting legacy of revised methodology for use by client



Customer Base


Engagement Increase


Our View

The business need was to move from catalogue on online channels, we helped them design what good would look like and a roadmap to success. 

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