From catalogue to digital – a retailer’s rapid evolution

For a large UK retailer, the business model was primarily mail order and it had successfully operated this for many years. Due to the massive shift in retail trends N Brown was underinvested in ecommerce technology and wished to make a rapid shift without losing heritage customers. The engagement was to first advise on and then implement this ambitious change.

what we achieved and outcomes

From catalogue to digital – a retailer’s rapid evolution


· E-commerce target operating model designed and built into wider IT transformation planning
· Organisation and process design structured; validated against best practices
· Definition of communication improvements across promotional, transactional and financial areas


· Lean process improvement identified multiple areas of opportunity
· Identified areas for potential outsourcing or offshoring leading to 35% cost reduction
· Legacy catalogue retailing processes and functions rationalised allowing investment in e-commerce replacement

Total benefits identifed


Cost Reduction




Our View

We helped the client focus on a key issue that was holding back progress on digital evolution.

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