Improving customer service in a regulated industry

Water supply companies in England and Wales are regulated and measured by Ofwat on customer satisfaction using the service incentive mechanism (SIM) scoring, designed to encourage provision of better customer service. For this client it had been falling compared to peers and consulting advice was sought on how to reverse this trend. The focus was on immediate measures for change and close attention to best practice from other industries as well as the utilities sector.

what we achieved and outcomes

Improving customer service in a regulated industry


· Ran a series of workshops to identify root causes
· Created a set of personas and sample customer journeys to illustrate the customer view and identify weak points in process
·  Senior management visibility of customer service issues and resolutions raised and remain in place


· 20% SIM score uplift achieved to take service to above UK average
· Learnings from the coaching sessions continue to be applied
· Wider opportunities to enhance IT and process change identified

SIM Score


Cost Reduction




Our View

We used examples from other sectors to give clarity on goals and next steps.

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