Evolving the customer journeys for empathetic service

A major UK optician chain was in the process of evaluating investment into an Oracle CRM platform. This was a largely technical evaluation but the opportunity to assess the impact on the customer journey was taken and this short piece, commissioned by the CIO, was viewed positively by the wider business

what we achieved and outcomes

Evolving the customer journeys for empathetic service


·· Designed sample personas and journeys relevant to goals
· Facilitated workshops to transfer knowledge insight and experience
· Created recommendations, integration and alignment with wider IT programme


· 12% increase (+300,000) in repeat sales
· Facilitation of fully redesigned customer journey in retail store
· Methodology and knowledge transfer

Sales Increase


Repeat Visits Increase




Our View

By identifying improvements in a specific customer journey area we could demonstrate the value in retail store experience change.

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