Regulatory change leads to customer experience improvement

A major bank had to respond to the newly created Mortgage Market Review (MMR) regulations in the UK market. This significantly changed the requirements for mortgage applications and renewals compliance. They decided to take the opportunity of such a major review to not only ensure compliance but to redesign the customer experience around consumer mortgages, products that had been lagging in some areas. The consulting engagement was focused on the customer processes.

what we achieved and outcomes

Regulatory change leads to customer experience improvement


· Cross-functional buy-in to redesigned journeys; employees played persona roles to bring to life in highly interactive workshops
· Captured, actual and ideal customer journeys, formatted to standard templates
· Achieved buy-in to resolve conflicts in service design choices


· Revised processes that were not only MMR compliant but improved experience
· Structured documentation of key processes
· Full comparison with best in class comparable and roadmap for development

Customer Base


Journeys Mapped




Our View

The bank took a compliance requirement to enhance customer experience – a great result.

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