Bank tackles customer complaints with structured analysis

A UK bank had been through massive change following a merger. This engagement was to address the poor position on rankings for customer complaints recorded by the regulator. This was complicated by the disparate systems and processes in use post-merger and in overall transition to a unified bank offering.

what we achieved and outcomes

Bank tackles customer complaints with structured analysis


· Identified underlying issues in retail customer complaints
· Built a process delivering fair outcomes for customers using internal cultural change
· Conducted root cause analysis and process review to reduce monthly recorded complaints


· Non-regulated recorded complaints reduced by 15%
· Processes established to prevent a recurrence of same underlying issues
· Organisation design modifications to reduce single points of failure

Complaints Reduction


Customer Base


Engagement Increase



Vectris made a vital contribution to the success of the programme, and was a pleasure to work with. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to work together again in the very near future…

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